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We recently produced a presentation that we would like to share. Please take a moment or two to explore our unique offerings and to also discover how Miller Design stands out from the rest.

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Elegant Retirement Living

August 23, 2012

Miller Design has its reach in all facets of your living styles and environments. We have recently custom designed living spaces at the Vi retirement community in Palo Alto. This is a major shift for a large number of  individuals and families that have reached their retirement years. There are many options when choosing to live in a luxury retirement. Whether you choose a two-bedroom condominium or a free-standing villa you deserve to have it designed and decorated by the best.

Below are a few examples of our recent design work on a condominium space that expresses individuality and personal touches that make a home personal. This is a trend you will be seeing much more of and Miller Design is on the forefront of this new living style.

Vi Luxury Retirement Community in Palo Alto